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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Peter Fiumara who was born in New York on January 02, 1966 and passed away on August 30, 2004 at the age of 38. We will remember him forever.
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Love You!   / Donna Fiumara (mother)
DECEMBER 31, 2012 New Years Eve! Tomorrow is January 1, 2013, next your birthday the 2nd! Did you see Aunt Carol or your Dad? It was a year December 29,2012 for Aunt Carol. Your dad's was a year in September. Your sisters are okay, Kate has some i...  Continue >>
Peter, your Father passed away in Septeber 2011,   / Donna Fiumara (Mother)
 DEAR PETER I think of you everyday and pray for each of your siblings and family. I am so sorry your DAD passed away hope you are able to spend time with each other he LOVED each of his CHILDREN LISA and Bernie spent time with him before he ...  Continue >>
It's been awhile.   / Donna Fiumara (Mother)
 Dear Son it has been awhile since I have written you! Heather 's baby is named Ally or allie born several months ago. Heather is a good Mom Aunt Carol and Lisa told me that! Ed Jennings passed away recently he was good you kids and me he was a ...  Continue >>
New Baby   / Donna Fiumara (Mother)
Heather had another girl that's all I know at this time! I miss you it's so much pain my Son! Im thankful your sister (Bernie) has not taken this off the Memorial website! I know it will happen at some point.  I miss the days we had the up...  Continue >>
May we see one another   / Donna Fiumara (Mother)
Peter I do not know how long this will continue so this maybe the last words to you on this memorial. I love and miss you my Dear Son! The years pass things change and some things seem to have very little change. We miss you Son I would have given ...  Continue >>
My Handsome Son The wheeler Dealer  / Donna Fiumara (Mother)    Read >>
Did not put memorial in paper this August, Sorry!  / Donna Fiumara (Mother)    Read >>
Thoughts / Donna Fiumara (Mom)    Read >>
Feeling Bad  / DONNA Fiumara (Mother)    Read >>
Happy News For You and Family  / Donna Fiumara (Mother)    Read >>
November 09 Thanksgiving - Soon to be here  / Donna Fiumara (Mom)    Read >>
Missing you on your 5th anniversay.  / Mike &. Bernie Donaldson (Sister & bro in law )    Read >>
Five Years  / Donna Fiumara (Mother)    Read >>
Five Years  / Donna Fiumara (Mother)    Read >>
Family News for you son  / Donna Fiumara (Mother)    Read >>
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